Walk in the door of our studio and have all the elements of décor managed within one roof.

We work with you to design your entire event with the purpose of creating a cohesive look and feel of sophistication.  

Everything flows together… the linen choices, the lighting, the furniture, the draping, the colors, the invitations

...all coordinated to compliment your venue and style.

Our list of services include floral design, lighting, fabric draping, custom projects, fabric treatments, signage… and whatever is needed for production of your event, bringing your wedding dreams to life.


Our designers provide flowers, linens, and decor only for weddings and special events.

It is our speciality. It is our passion.

 We do not settle for anything less than perfection and we are often the hardest to please.  

It is what happens when Type A personality meets artistic design—we work endless hours to make sure the special details are up to our expectations and every bloom is in it’s perfect place making an unforgettable event.  

Our mission is to exceed expectations, wow guests with lasting impressions, and finish with clients who believe their vision was executed above how they imagined it would be.

If you dream of seasonal, inspirational, and beautifully bespoke flowers for your wedding or special event, we would love to hear from you!  Please get in touch by email, or use the contact form to start discussing what you’re looking for!

Event florals & custom Decor