The key to an amazing wedding album? Making sure your photographer captures the moments most important to you!

We know you've given attention to every detail of the day. You've made sure to not overlook anything, or anyone. You have an awesome photographer booked. Now to avoid a common oversight others make:  the details of capturing specific memories of the day that are "must-haves" to you!

Most couples don't really think about the actual photographs until they are reviewing them afterwards. Any good photographer will capture the standard list of images, but there may be a few shots that you would really like, but may not be considered a priority unless you ask in advance.

A bit of "proper prior planning", and you can avoid the plight of others: "I can't believe we didn't think to get a shot of my dad seeing me for the first time!", or "Oh no! Can you believe we don't have even one shot of the monogramed entry?!!"

We encourage each couple we work with to go through the attached list of potential shots to help them think about what images they are expecting to see after their big day has come and gone. It provides a starting point for thinking and talking about what your must-have photographs are, and just as important: how to make sure your photographer is able to get them for you.

Many couples are now taking advantage of the option to have a First Glance or First Look photo session before the ceremony

Advantages of First Glance:

Your photographer has the ability to capture the intimacy of the moment as you one another for the first time.

You can truly express how you feel and show emotion without hundreds of onlookers.

Hair, makeup, and flowers are fresh.

No rushing! - No guests are waiting on you.

The clock is not running on the band and/or DJ while the

caterer is attempting to keep dinner warm.

More traditional couples may wish to make time for wedding portraits after the ceremony. Count on 1-2 hours at the very least. It is imperative that a specific list is prepared well in advance of all people you want in the photos, and the specific combinations you require. At Wed 101 your planner and day of coordinator works with your photographer to ensure there is enough time alloted in order to get the shots you want. 

In either case, we encourage couples to choose a close friend (not a bridesmaid or groomsman who will be in the photos) who knows everyone on the "must-have list" to work closely with the photographer rounding people up for the next shot. This expedites the process, and takes a great deal of stress off the entire experience, enabling the photographer to get those important shots in your hands!

Keep in mind: Each shot takes approximately 4 minutes, not counting any set-up time for lighting or additional equipment, if needed. Priority is key in making your choices - especially if you have only a limited time with your photographer.

Click here to get ideas for your Must Have Wedding Photo Checklist !  These photo opps will create an album you will treasure for years to come!  

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